The Curse of Which Designer?

“If you don’t have passion, well, you’re just cutting hair. Passion sets you apart, passion brings life, color, shape & creativity into your designs.” Kjowill

I find it fascinating some of the general public believes Fashion Designers set the Hairstyle trends for the seasons.  How the model’s hair is styled, ends up driving the trends for the upcoming season or so I hear client after client attest during a consultation. “I be like, umhmmmm, let me set you straight, haha.” But I got to thinking, these clients just may be right.  Top Fashion Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, Givenchy, Victoria Beckham ect…have their names all over the Hairstyles trends for Fall/Winter 2014-15. Their vision for the total look, launches and inspires these hairstyles. It then becomes realized in Hollywood and all the celebrities are sprinting to their personal Hairdresser so they can be the first “Star” to wear one of these trendy styles. It seems the “Side-swept” look  (which Is just a current but chic comb-over) was inspired by the Alexander Wang team and is sweeping the runways. While I appreciate Fashion Designer’s “inspiration” and realize their value, the truth is, as a hairdresser who has been the industry for over 30 years, the behind-the-chair stylist has been creating like styles for decades. The curse is, is it not valued as a ‘trend’ until it’s on the runway? Curious. fall_winter_2014_2015_hairstyle_trends_side_swept_hair (2) Another trend is the Buns & Knots. They’re Chic, stylish and functional. No surprise Fashion Designers such as Carolina Herrera and Robert Cavalli have their stamp of approval on these hairstyles. Trouble is, not only were they made trendy last year by Giants in the Hairdressing community such as TONI&GUY, Wella, Paul Mitchell & Aveda to name a few, but the everyday woman in communities all over the United States can be seen rocking Buns & Knots. Sometimes it seems the Hair industry gets no respect. fall_winter_2014_2015_hairstyle_trends_buns_and_twists2 The Straight look, most commonly with a central part, is a strong contender in the Fall/Winter 2014/15 hairstyle trend. This is effortless styling whether it is worn messy or sleek. I wore my hair exactly with a center part, long and sleek in the 1970’s!  Then it was hailed as Hippy Chic. As it is in the “creative realm;” the old adage, “everything old is new again.” always comes back with a current twist. fall_winter_2014_2015_hairstyle_trends_straight_hair The final trend I’d like to highlight was seen on the runway from Fashion Designer Zac Posen, with respect for Posen and for his interpretation of pins as hair art, the ‘hairpin’ has been around since 600 b.c. according to Wikipedia (see illustration below). Hair pins, bobby pins and straight pins are used daily by hairdressers worldwide for a variety of effects. The Posen inspired pins could be considered more Avant Garde rather than conventional but I find it curious the simple little ‘pin’ has found a new wave of respect. Cheers for the useful and ever illustrious hairpin. fall_winter_2014_2015_hairstyle_trends_pinned_hair   230px-Hair_pins_old My final thoughts: one thing I’ve learned over the years, is hair and fashion are one in the same. I find it peculiar and curious, marvelous and delightful, both industries are ever-changing, pushing the limits, awe-inspiring and creative beasts which ultimately set the trend forecasts; I just wish that as hairdressers, we’d get a lot more notoriety. We probably did it first, as so eloquently asserted by TIGI “By Hairdressers, for Hairdressers.

Thanks for reading my humble thoughts in print. KjowillThough we Travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or find it not.” Ralph Waldo Emerson



  1. A.Hart · October 27, 2014

    Beautifully written and full of pizzazz! But oh so true and wonderful point – can us stylists get a little credit here?! Nice entry Kelly! Keep ’em coming.

    Liked by 1 person

    • kjowill · October 27, 2014

      A.Hart, thank you so much for logging in to my blog and leaving a comment. You’re awesome for taking the time and I appreciate you and your comments. After all, you are so smart with Hair and Fashion.


  2. Posh Little Designs · October 27, 2014

    love that you’ve started a blog mom, and what you’re covering.
    In addition to being fantastic behind the chair and in the class, you’re also an incredibly gifted writer. I’m so looking forward to following along here. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • kjowill · October 27, 2014

      Awww thank you so much Brandi. I appreciate your comments and the fact you are following me. It won’t always be about fashion because the “assimilation of two passions is really more about Hair and about writing. What do you think about my Blog Page title. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • Posh Little Designs · October 27, 2014

        Of course!! I’m thrilled for you mom! Blog page title sounds perfect! Keep it up! Already looking forward to what you share next! ❤️


  3. janiyastylist · October 27, 2014

    Brilliantly stated mom!! I enjoyed every second of this. Written and spoken like a true expert (that you are in both writing and hairdressing.) And I have to say…you’re writing style is refreshing, humorous and witty and adds a special touch and I ADORE the title… Amazing work for a first blog post, goodness! I am so elated I now have a place to indulge in your writing and just love that it happens to incorporate some of my passions too… Fashion, and style. Genius! Keep up the stellar work. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • kjowill · October 27, 2014

      janiyastylist that means so much to me! I appreciate your comments, more than I could put into words. You’ve been blogging for so long and are so good at it. I draw my inspiration from You and Brandi you know. Thank you for the love and support. ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      • janiyastylist · October 27, 2014

        Awe! Of course… Its just the honest truth. 🙂 Way to go Momma!! And thank you, that’s beyond sweet of you to say. Xo

        Liked by 1 person

  4. karly · October 28, 2014

    i like your insight. well written and entertaining. I love love love that you are blogging now!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kjowill · October 28, 2014

      Karly, thank you so much for taking the time and effort to leave a comment and support my efforts. I love and appreciate you.


    • kjowill · March 22, 2015

      Thanks for your support Karly it means so much


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